Clearing Of Diagnostic Code



Remove the battery negative terminal or ECU-B fuse for 10 seconds or more with the ignition switch OFF. NOTICE: When connecting the battery after cancelling the malfunction code, always do it with the ignition switch in LOCK position. If the battery is connected with the ignition switch in ACC or ON position, there are cases when the diagnosis system does not operate normally. HINT:

• Code 41 cannot be cleared by this method.

• The lower the temperature, the longer the battery negative terminal must be left off.

• Other memory systems (clock, audio system) will also be cancelled out (See page AB-2).


(a) Connect service wires to terminals Tc and AB of the check connector.

(b) Turn the ignition switch ACC or ON and wait approx. 6 seconds.

(c) Starting with the Tc terminal, apply body ground alternately to terminal Tc and terminal AB twice each in cycles of 1.0 ± 0.5 sec onds.

Finally, keep applying body ground to terminal Tc. HINT: When alternating between body ground of terminals Tc and AB release one from body ground while applying it to the other terminal. The time interval in between must be within the following conditions. If it is out of the conditions, code 41 will not be cleared.

(d) After several seconds, when the airbag warning light starts to blink in a 64 msec. cycle, cancellation is completed.

HINT: This method clears not only code 41, but also other malfunction codes all at once.

Except when instructed by the troubleshooting procedure, use this method only when the repair procedure is completed (See page AB-24).

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