Connect Negative Cable To Battery


• Always recover refrigerant before removing the parts in the refrigerant line and evacuating air.

• Evacuate air and charge proper amount of purified refrigerant after installing the parts in the refrigerant line.

Gauge reading kg /cm2 (psi, kPa)

Vacuum indicated at low pressure side, very low pressure indicated at high pressure


Does not cool (Cools from time to time in some cases) Frost or dew seen on piping before and afte receiver or expansion valve aCBIH

Pressure too high at low pressure side, pressure too low at high pressure side

Does not cool

Probable cause

Refrigerant does not circulate


(1) Check heat sensing tube for gas leakage and replace expansion valve if defective

(2) Clean out dirt in expansion valve by blowing with air

If not able to remove dirt, replace expansion valve

(3) Replace receiver

Insufficient compression

Repair or replace compressor

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