Diagnostic Code Check


(a) Turn the ignition switch to ACC or ON position and wait approx. 20 seconds.

(b) Using SST, connect terminals Tc and El of the check connector. SST 09843-18020

NOTICE: Never make a mistake with the terminal connection position as this will cause a malfunction.


Read the diagnostic code as indicated by the number of times the airbag warning light blinks.

• Normal code indication

The light will blink 2 times per second.

• Malfunction code indication

In the event of a malfunction, the light will blink.

The first number of the code No. will equal the first digit of a

2-digit diagnostic code, and after a 1.5 second pause, the 2nd number of the code No. will equal the 2nd digit. If there are two or more codes, there will be a 2.5 second pause between each.

After all the codes have been output, there will be a 4.0 second pause and they will all be repeated.


• In the event of a number of trouble codes, indication will begin from the smaller numbered code to the larger.

• If a diagnostic code is not output or is continuously output, proceed to the Te terminal circuit inspection on page AB-77.

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