How Is Magnetic Clutch Energized

The general process until the magnetic clutch is energized is shown below. I Ignition Switch "ON"

Blower Switch "ON"-> Heater Relay "ON" (Blower Motor "RUN")

I A/C Switch "ON"-> A/C Amplifier "ON" (A/C Amp. Main Power Supply)

4 Dual Pressure Switch "ON":

Refrigerant Condition (2.1 kg /cm2 (30 psi, 206 kPa) less than 27 kg/cm2 (384 psi, 2648 kPa))

'.■■ Thermistor supplies temperature signal of evaporator to A/C amplifier.

Magnetic Clutch Relay "ON"

Temperature Sensor "ON".

Temperature of Temperature Sensor is less than 180°C (356°F).

Magnetic Clutch "ON"

Revolution Detecting Sensor supplies RPM signal of compressor to A/C amplifier. If compressor is not locked, magnetic clutch is continuously energized.

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