Main Points Of Removal And Installation

CAUTION: Work must be started after approx. 20 seconds or longer from the time the ignition switch is-turned to the LOCK position and the negative (-) terminal cable is disconnected from the battery (See page AB-2). NOTICE:

• If the wiring connector of the airbag system is disconnected with the ignition switch at ON or ACC, diagnostic codes will be recorded.

• Never use airbag parts from another vehicle. When replacing parts, replace with new parts.

• Never reuse the sensor involved in a collision when the airbag has deployed.

• Never repair a sensor in order to reuse it.


Install the sensor with the arrow on the sensor facing toward the front of the vehicle.


• Make sure the sensor is installed to the specified torque.

• If the sensor has been dropped, or there are cracks, dents or other defects in the case, bracket or connector, replace the sensor with a new one.

• The sensor set bolts have been anti-rust treated. When the sensor is removed, always replace the set bolts with new ones.

• After installation, shake the sensor to check that there is no looseness.

• The front sensor is equipped with an electrical connection check mechanism. Be sure to lock this mechanism securely when connecting the connector. If the connector is not securely locked, a malfunction code will be detected by the diagnosis system.

• Check that the dimensions of the body where the front airbag sensor is installed match those in the body dimension drawings on page BO-73.

(The airbag may malfunction, or may not work, if the mounting angle or dimensions of the sensor mount are not correct.)

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