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Ambient Temperarurt Senior A/C Fan Motor




Ccmdensor fladiator Fan MûLor

A/ C Water Tamper^turt Switch

Hi^iKir Radiaior fladiator Fan MûLor

A/ C Water Tamper^turt Switch

Walgr Valve

AUTO A/C AmpFifier (AUTO A/C)

Air Flow Mod« Control Swvomotcw

System Ain|ilitier (Pjish Typg Blower Spaed Control Switch)

Room Temperature Sonsor {AUTO A/C}

A/C Coninsl Awombly

Air Mix Conirol Servomotor

Hi^iKir Radiaior

Water Femperaturo Swiich fan Moior)

CWi Uutrjçtinçj Sensor Compressor Mnnnciic CtutDh Idle-Up Actueto*

fressure Switch IdFç-Up V5V

Blow«* Morof fl lower Fan Raljy

Solar Sensor (AUTO A/C}

Air lrtlet Servomoior

A/C AmpJIIier Power lransiSKnr {AUTO A/C) H lower HéiiStOr Thermiaior Water Temperature Sensor (AUTO A/C)

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