Precautions For Airbag Deployment

1. The airbag produces a sizeable exploding sound when it deploys, so perform the operation out-of-doors and where it will not create a nuisance to nearby residents.

2. When deploying the airbag, always use the specified SST: SRS AIRBAG DEPLOYMENT TOOL (SST 09082-00700). Perform the operation in a place away from electrical noise.

3. When deploying an airbag, perform the operation from at least 10 m (33 ft) away from the steering wheel pad.

4. The steering wheel pad is very hot when the airbag is deployed, so leave it alone for at least 30 minutes after deployment.

5. Use gloves and safety glasses when handling a steering wheel pad with deployed airbag.

6. Always wash your hands with water after completing the operation.

7. Do not apply water, etc. to a steering wheel pad with deployed airbag.

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