Replacement Of Airbag Repair Wire

CAUTION: Work must be started after approx. 20 seconds or longer from the time the ignition switch is turned to the "LOCK" position and the negative (-)terminal cable is disconnected from the battery.


(a) Remove the cover at the rear of the connector housing and expose the wire harness.

(b) Cut the wire harness behind the connector housing. HINT: The operation is performed more easily if the wire harness is left as long as possible.


(a) Start stripping at least 8 mm (0.31 in.) to 11 mm (0.43 in.)

away from the end of the existing harness at vehicle side and also from the end of the repair wire. NOTICE: Take care not to damage the wire when stripping the wire harness lead. After finishing the opertion, visually inspect the wire. If there is any damage, perform the operation again.

(b) Overlap the two stripped wire ends inside of the pressure-contact sleeve as illustrated on the left.

HINT: The blue pressure-contact sleeve (Part No.

82999-12020) is available as a solitary spare part.

Miniature Screwdriver

Miniature Screwdriver

HINT: You might find it easier if you use a miniature screwdriver as a guide as you insert wires into the sleeve.

(c) The crimping tool (AMP Part No. 169060) has color marks on it. Place the sleeve in the correct section of the tool according to the color of the sleeve itself.

HINT: As the crimping tool, AMP "Part No. 169060" is convenient to use.

Spiral Cable Yaris

(d) With the center of the sleeve correctly placed between the crimping jaws, squeeze the crimping tool until either end comes into contact at the section marked by "CLOSE HERE".

HINT: Check to see that the sleeve and wires are still in the correct position before closing the crimping tool ends with steady pressure.

(e) Pull the joined wires to either end. Make sure that they are joined firmly by the sleeve. NOTICE: If the joined wires come loose the splice is defective, so replace the sleeve and repeat the procedure.

169060 Toyota Tool

(f) Crimp both ends of the sleeve with the crimping tool at the "INS" position.


Wrap silicon tape around the joins to protect them from water.


• Before starting the operation, thoroughly wipe dirt and grease off the sections, to be joined.

• If the adhesive surfaces of two tapes come in contact they will stick together and will not come apart, not remove the backing film except when using the tape.

• Do not let oil and dust, ect. get on the tape surface.

(a) Ready about 100 mm (3.94 in.) of silicon tape (Part

No. 08231-00045) and peel off the film.

(b) Stretch the silicon tape until its width is reduced by half.

(c) About 10 mm (0.39 in.) from the end of the pressure-contact sleeve, wrap the silicon tape around the sleeve three or more times while stretching the tape.

(d) Wrap the remaining part of sleeve with half of the tape overlapping at each turn.

(e) Firmly wrap the tape two times or more about 10 mm

(0.39 in.) from the other end of the pressure-contact sleeve, then wrap the tape back towards the start again and firmly finish winding the tape around the center of the sleeve.

Conugaied Tuba

Conugaied Tuba

Can lili Cühlii

(f) Fix the corrugated tube to the cabtire cable using silicon tape.

Can lili Cühlii

(g) After applying the silicon tape, apply vinyl tape on the corrugated tube of repair wire side over to the corrugated tube of vehicle wire harness side.

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