Abbreviations Used In This Manual

A/C Air Conditioner

ALR Automatic Locking Retractor

A/T, ATM Automatic Transmission

ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid

B0 Overdrive Brake

Bi No. 1 Brake

B2 No. 2 Brake

By No. 3 Brake

BDC Bottom Dead Center

BTDC Before Top Dead Center

BVSV Bimetal Vacuum Switching Valve

C0 Overdrive Direct Clutch

C, Front Clutch

C; Rear Clutch

C/B Circuit Breaker

DOHC Double Over Head Cam

DP Dash Pot

DVV Double Vacuum Valve

ECT Electronic Controlled Transmission

ECU Electronic Controlled Unit

EFI Electronic Fuel Injection

EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation

ELR Emergency Locking Retractor

EPR Evaporator Pressure Regulator

ESA Electronic Spark Advance

ETR Electronic Tuning Radio

EVAP Evaporative (Emission Control)

EX Exhaust (manifold, valve)

Ex. Except

Fl Front Left

Fr Front Right

IG Ignition

IN Intake (manifold, valve)

IRS Independent Rear Suspension

ISC Idle Speed Control

LH Left-hand

LHD Left hand Drive

LSD Limited Slip Differential

MP Multipurpose

M/T, MTM Manual Transmission

OD Overdrive

OPT Option

0/S Oversize

PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation

PS Power Steering

RH Right-hand

Rl Rear Left

Rr Rear Right

SED Sedan

SSM Special Service Materials

SST Special Service Tools

STD Standard

S/W Switch

T/C Torque Converter

TCCS Toyota Computer Controlled System

TDC Top Dead Center

TWC Three-Way Catalyst

U/S Undersize

VSV Vacuum Switching Valve w/ With w/o Without

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