Fuel System

1. When disconnecting high fuel pressure line the connection, a large amount of gasoline will come out, so observe the following procedure.

(a) Put a container under the connection. (b> Slowly loosen the connection.

(c) Disconnect the connection.

(d) Plug the connection with a rubber plug.

2. When connecting the flare nut or union bolt on the high pressure pipe union, observe the following procedure.

(Union bolt type)

(a) Always use a new gasket.

(b) First tighten the union bolt by hand.

(c) Then tighten the bolt to the specified torque. Torque: 300 kg-cm (22 tt-lb, 29 N-m)

(Flare nut typel

(a) Apply a thin coat of oil to the flare and first tighten the flare nut by hand.

(b) Then tighten the nut to the specified torque. Torque: 350 kg-cm (25 ft-lb, 34 N-m)

Take the following precautions when removing and installing the injectors.

(b) When placing an O-ring on the injector, use care not to damage it in any way.

(c) Lubricate the O-ring with spindle oil or gasoline before installing — never use engine, gear or brake oil.

Install the injector to the delivery pipe and intake manifold as shown in the figure.

Confirm that there are no fuel leaks after performing mairv tenance on the fuel system.

(a) With engine stopped, turn the ignition switch on.

(b) Short circuit terminals of the fuel pump check connector.

(c) When the pressure regulator fuel return hose (shown in the figure at left), is pinched, the pressure within the high pressure line will rise to about 4 kg/cmJ (57 psi, 392 kPa). In this state, check to see that thert are no leaks from any part of the fuel system.

CAUTION: Always pinch the hose. Avoid bending asit may cause the hose to crack.

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