Repair Procedures

Most repair operations begin with an overview illustration. It identifies the components and shows how the parts fit together.


Adjusting Washer

Side Gear Pin

Thrust Washer No. 1 Thrust Wtsher No. 2

Clutch Member Thrust Washer

Thrust Washer No. 1

Clutch Member Spring

Clutch Member

Side Bearing

Thrust Washer

Thrust Washer No. 2

Pinion Gear

Clutch Member RH Clutch Member LH

Case Cover Differential Case

| kg-cm (ft lb. N m)[ : Specified torque + Non reusable part it Precoated part

The procedures are presented in a stepby-step format:

• The photo or illustration shows what to do and where to do it

• The task heading tells what to do.

• The detailed text tells how to perform the task and gives other information such as specifications and warnings.

Photograph or Illustration: what to do and where

Example: /Task heading: what to do


(a) Place SST and a dial indicator onto the overdrive brake piston as shown in the figure.

SST 09350-30020 (09350^6120)

Set part No. Componen t part No.

/ Detail text: how to do it

(b) Measure the stroke applying and releasing the compressed air (4-8 kg/cm*, 57 - 114 psi or 392 - 785 kPa) as shown in the figure.

Piston stroke: 1.40 - 1.70 mm (0.0551 - 0.0669 in.)

- Specification

This format provides the experienced technician with a FAST TRACK to the information needed. The upper case task heading can be read at a glance and only when necessary, the text below it provides detailed information. Important specifications and warnings always stand out in bold type.

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