• If diagnostic code No. 42, 61, 62 or 63 occur, the overdrive indicator light will begin to blink immediately to warn the driver. However, an impact or shock may cause the blinking to stop although the code will still be retained in the ECT ECU memory until canceled out.

• There is no warning for diagnostic code No. 64.

• In event of a simultaneous malfunction of both speed sensors No. 1 and No. 2f no diagnostic code will appear and fail-safe will not function. However, when driving in "D" range, the transmission wi not up-shift from first gear regardless of the vehicle speed.

Trouble No. 1 Blinking overdrive indicator light (while driving)

Trouble No. 2 No shifting
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Trouble No. 3 Shift point too high or too low
Trouble No. 4 No up-shift to overdrive (After warm-up)
Trouble No. 5 No lock-up (After warm-up)

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