Toyota Corolla 2004 Repair

Vacuum Switching Valve No

Vacuum Switching Valve Toyota Rav4

a Inspect VSV for evaporative emission EVAP . 1 Using an ohmmeter, check that there is continuity between the terminals. Resistance 27 - 33 Q at 20oC 68 F If there is no continuity, replace the VSV. 2 Using an ohmmeter, check that there is no continuity between each terminal and the body. If there is continuity, replace the VSV. 3 Check that air flows from ports E to F. 4 Apply battery positive voltage across the terminals. 5 Check that air does not flow from ports E to F. If operation is not...

Inspect Fuel Cut Off Valve And Fill Check Valve

Toyota Echo Canister Value

Disconnect the purge line hose and EVAP line hose from the charcoal canister. Plug the cap to the air drain hose. Pressurize 4 kPa 41 gf cm2, 0.58 psi to the purge port and check that there is ventilation through the EVAP line hose. In the condition that the fuel is full, as the float value of the fill check valve is closed and has no ventilation, it is necessary to check the fuel amount volume . d Check if there is anything struck in the vent line hose and EVAP line hose. If there is no stuck...

The Ambient Temperature Does Not Display

2012 Toyota Prius Wire Color Code

INSPECT OUTER AMBIENT TEMPERATURE SENSOR a Remove cooler ambient temp. sensor thermistor. b Measure resistance between terminals 1 and 2 of cooler ambient temp. sensor thermistor connector at each temperature. at 0 C 0 F 9.097 - 9.701 kQ at 25 C 77 F 2.725 - 2.865 kQ As the temperature increases, the resistance decreases. Resistance REPLACE OUTER AMBIENT TEMPERATURE SENSOR REPAIR OR REPLACE HARNESS OR CONNECTOR CHECK AND REPLACE COMBINATION METER ASSY