Headrest -

Headrest Support-

Front Seat Back Cover ♦ Hog Ring -C

Front Seat Cushion Cover

Front Seat Cushion Pad

Front Seat Belt Inner

42 (430, 31)

Front Seat Cushion Shield Inner

Front Seat Adjuster

Front Seat Cushion Cover

Toyota Prius Seat Diagram

Seat Track Cover

Reclining Adjuster Inside Cover

43 (44

0, 32)


Reclining Adjuster Inside Cover

Front Seat Back Spring Assy w/ Side Airbag: Side Airbag

Front Seat Back Pad

Passenger Seat: Belt Warning Occupant Detection Sensor

Front Seat Cushion Shield Outer

Reclining Adjuster Inside Cover

Vertical Seat Adjuster Knob

Yaris Timming Marks Crank Sensor

N m (kgf cm, ftlbf) : Specified torque

Reclining Adjuster Release Handle

♦ Non-reusable part


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