Do not turn the crankshaft

(a) Using marking paint, write the matched cylinder number on each connecting rod and cap.


The match marks on the connecting rods and caps are for ensuring correct reassembly.

(b) Using SST, remove the 2 bolts and connecting rod cap. SST 09205-16010

(c) Clean the crank pin and bearing.

(d) Check the crank pin and bearing for pitting and scratches.

(e) Lay a strip of the Plastigage across the crank pin

(f) Check that the front mark of the connecting rod cap is facing the correct direction.

(g) Apply a light coat of engine oil on the threads and under the heads of the connecting rod cap bolts.

Conrod Bearing Oil Bore Diameter

(h) Using SST, tighten the bolts in several passes by the specified torque. SST 09205-16010 Torque: 20 Nm (204 kgfcm, 15 ftlbf)

(i) Mark the front of the connecting cap bolts with paint. (j) Retighten the cap bolts by 90° as shown in the illustration. (k) Check that the crankshaft turns smoothly.

(l) Remove the 2 bolts and connecting rod cap.

Connecting Rod Cap

Connecting rod large end bore diameter

Connecting rod bearing thickness

(m) Measure the Plastigage at its widest point. Standard oil clearance: 0.028 to 0.060 mm (0.0011 to 0.0024 in.) Maximum oil clearance: 0.080 mm (0.0031 in.) NOTICE:

Remove the Plastigage completely after the measurement.

• If the oil clearance is greater than maximum, replace the connecting rod bearing.

• If necessary, grind or replace the crankshaft.


If replacing a bearing, select a new one having the same number as marked on the connecting rod. There are 3 sizes of standard bearings, marked "1", "2" and "3" accordingly.


Connecting rod large end bore diameter

Connecting rod bearing thickness

Crankshaft pin outer diameter

47.000 to 47.008 (1.8504 to 1.8507) 47.009 to 47.016 (1.8507 to 1.8510) 47.017 to 47.024 (1.8511 to 1.8513)

1.486 to 1.490 (0.0585 to 0.0587) 1.491 to 1.494 (0.0587 to 0.0588) 1.495 to 1.498 (0.0589 to 0.0590)

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