Install Separate Type Front Seat Back Assy

(a) Install the seat back with the 4 bolts. Torque: 43 Nm (440 kgfcm, 32 ftlbf)

(b) Using hog ring pliers, install new hog rings.

(c) Install the cushion shield outer with the 2 screws.

2004 COROLLA (RM1037U)

(d) Install the vertical seat adjuster knob with the clip.

(e) Install the reclining adjuster release handle.

(f) Install the cushion shield inner with the 2 screws.

(g) Install the seat belt inner with the washer and bolt. Torque: 42 Nm (430 kgfcm, 31 ftlbf)

(h) Check that the seat belt inner moves smoothly. 11. INSTALL FRONT SEAT

(a) Slide the seat to the most rear position.

(b) Place the seat on the cabin. NOTICE:

Be careful not to damage the body.

(c) Connect the connector(s) under the seat.

(d) Install the front seat with the 4 bolts. Torque: 47 Nm (480 kgfcm, 35 ftlbf)

(e) Install the seat track covers.

(f) Install the headrest.

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