Noise Problems

(a) It is very important for noise troubleshooting to understand a customer's claim clearly. Use the following table to diagnose the phenomenon.

Radio wave

Condition in which noise occurs

Probable cause


Noise occurs at a specific place.

Strong possibility of foreign noise.

Noise occurs when listening to faint broadcasting.

The same program may be broadcasted from some local stations. If the program is the same, one of those may be tuned in.


Noise occurs only at night.

Strong possibility of beat from a distant broadcasting.

Noise occurs at a specific place during driving.

Strong possibility of multipath noise and fading noise caused by changes of FM frequency.


If the condition where the noise occurs does not meet any of the above, find out the cause based on "Reception Problems". Refer to the description about Multipath and Fading mentioned previously. 5. COMPACT DISC PLAYER

(a) Compact Disc (hereafter called "CD") Players use a laser beam pick-up to read the digital signals recorded on the CD and reproduce analog signals of the music, etc. There are 4.7 in. (12 cm) and 3.2 in. (8 cm) discs available for the CD player.


Never attempt to disassemble or oil any part of the player unit. Do not insert any object other than a disc into the magazine.

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