The following abbreviations are used in this manual.

A/C = Air Conditioning

A/T = Automatic Transaxle

ABS = Anti-Lock Brake System

ECU = Electronic Control Unit

ESA = Electronic Spark Advance

EVAP = Evaporative Emission

IAC = Idle Air Control

IC = Integrated Circuit

J/B = Junction Block

LED = Light Emitting Diode

LH = Left-Hand

M/T = Manual Transaxle

O/D = Overdrive

R/B = Relay Block

RH = Right-Hand

SFI = Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection

SRS = Supplemental Restraint System

SW = Switch

TEMP. = Temperature

TVIP = TOYOTA Vehicle Intrusion Protection

VSV = Vacuum Switching Valve

VVT = Variable Valve Timing w/ = With w/o = Without

* The titles given inside the components are the names of the terminals (terminal codes) and are not treated as being abbreviations.

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