Position of Parts in Instrument Panel

2011 Toyota Hilux Junction Connector

F 7 Front Passenger Seat Belt Warning Light

G 3 Glass Breakage Sensor ECU

H 7 Hazard SW

H 8 Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2)

I 10 Ignition SW

I 11 Integration Relay

J 2 Junction Connector

J 3 Junction Connector

J 4 Junction Connector

J 5 Junction Connector

J 6 Junction Connector

J 7 Junction Connector

P 3 Parking Brake SW

P 4 Power Outlet (Rear)

R 3 Radio and Player

R 4 Radio and Player

R 5 Rear Window Defogger SW

R 6 Remote Control Mirror SW

R 7 Rheostat

S 4 Security Indicator

S 5 Shift Lock Control ECU

S 6 Side Airbag Squib LH

S 7 Side Airbag Squib RH

S 8 Starter Cut Relay

S 9 Stop Light SW

T 2 Turn Signal Flasher Relay


U 1 Unlock Warning SW

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  • amalia genovesi
    Where is the o2 sensor located on 2002 toyota corolla?
    7 years ago

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