Toyota Corolla 2004 Workshop

Toyota Hilux 2000 Steering Column Bearing Location

Toyota Hilux Steering Wheel Horn

DISCONNECT BATTERY NEGATIVE TERMINAL 3. INSPECT PLACE FRONT WHEELS FACING STRAIGHT AHEAD If the airbag connector is disconnected with the ignition switch being at ON, DTCs will be recorded. a Using a torx socket wrench, loosen the 2 torx screws until the groove along the screw circumference catches on the screw case. b Pull out the horn button assy from the steering wheel. c Using a screwdriver, release the lock part of each airbag connector and disconnect the 2 airbag connectors. When...

Install Oil Pump Relief Valve

Oil Pressure Switch 2004 Toyota Corolla

a Install the oil pump relief valve plug, oil pump relief valve spring and oil pump relief valve. Torque 37 Nm 375 kgfcm, 27 ftlbf 2 Oil pump relief valve spring a Remove the oil pan drain plug and drain the engine oil. 2. REMOVAL amp INSTALLATION CHAIN SUB-ASSY See page 14-82 3. REMOVE CHAIN VIBRATION DAMPER NO.1 a Remove 2 bolts and chain vibration damper No. 1. b Remove the oil pump assy and gasket a Place a new gasket on the cylinder block. b Engage the spline teeth of the oil pump drive...

Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart

Toyota Corolla E11 Diagnosestecker

The inspection procedures are shown in the table below. This table allows efficient and accurate troubleshooting using the diagnostic trouble codes displayed in the diagnostic trouble code chart. Proceed with troubleshooting in accordance with the inspection procedures listed in the diagnostic chart corresponding to the diagnostic trouble codes displayed. The diagnostic trouble code chart for the Supplemental Restraint System is shown below as an example.