Cadillac CUE Design Fail Analysis

Working in Automotive journalism, I constantly see horrible design errors. From the Takata airbags, to the GM ignition cylinder, Nissan CVT, and the Toyota floor mats just to name a few.

This one today, might be the worst.

Back In the early 2010’s, Cadillac was in development of their new infotainment module, dubbed CUE, or Cadillac user experience. This system used a capacitive touch screen, consisting of an outer protective screen with an inner response glass panel, with a thin layer of conductive gel between the two glass panels to allow for a softer and more natural response.

This system was meant to be highly innovative, link Apple. At its time of release, Cadillac chose to use economies of scale and use it on EVERY car, truck, and SUV they produced.

When the design is flawless, this method results in increased profits and satisfied customers.

However, the CUE design wasn’t flawless.

After a couple of years in use, the gel layer would dry out through exposure to heat and sunlight, just like a gel air freshener. This resulted in a spider web or cracked appearance. The gel would bubble up or dry out and no longer transmit touch actions to the system. In some cases, the system would perceive touches where there were none- due to the uneven pressure of the gel. There are many photos and videos of this defect at

This is a major problem, affecting all years and models of Cadillac sold worldwide since 2013. A technical bulletin in 2015 was released acknowledging the issue. A google search shows how widespread this problem is. Cadillac recommends that you take it to the dealer and pay them $1,600 for another module that will fail again in a couple years.

The best solution, is to replace the defective factory touch screen digitizer with an upgraded CUESCREENS gel-free touch screen Cadillac CUE replacement to permanently fix the problem of unresponsive, or erratic touch. You can see the real customer feedback at

CUESCREENS has earned a reputation for having the highest quality and offers a lifetime warranty. In addition to being a permanent repair, The CUESCREENS gel-free touch screen has a much faster, easier touch response and a sharper viewing image.

Order today at

One final word of warning that I leave you with, is to avoid the $45-$75 ebay or amazon counterfeit replicas. It is untested junk and most customers are dissatisfied. Half of my customers are people that ordered the $75 screen and want to replace it with a cuescreens product. Unfortunately, this results in paying for install twice, or going through the hassle of a second install job. As someone who has helped over 5000 people get their CUE system function, I always recommend doing it right the first time with CUESCREENS.

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