Engine incar repair procedures


Section number

Auxiliary drivebelt - check, adjustment and renewal See Chapter 1

Camshaft oil seal - renewal 9

Camshafts and followers - removal, inspection, and refitting 10

Crankshaft oil seal - renewal 8

Cylinder compression check 2

Cylinder head - removal and refitting 11

Cylinder head cover - removal and refitting 4

Engine mountings - check and renewal 17

Engine oil and filter change See Chapter 1

Flywheel/driveplate - removal and refitting 15

General information 1

Main oil seal - renewal 16

Section number

Oil pressure switch - renewal 14

Oil pump - removal, inspection and refitting 13

Oil sump - removal and refitting 12

Repair operations possible with the engine in the vehicle 2

Spark plug renewal See Chapter 1

Timing belt and sprockets - removal, inspection and refitting 5

Timing chain and sprockets - removal, inspection and refitting 6

Top Dead Centre (TDC) for number one piston - locatng 3

Valve clearance See Chapter 1

VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing) components - removal, inspection and refitting 7

Degrees of difficulty

Easy, suitable for novice with little experience ^

Fairly easy, suitable for beginner with some experience

Fairly difficult |

suitable for competent

DIY mechanic

Difficult, suitable

"Ss, for experienced DIY A, mechanic ^

Very difficult,

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