96 Toyota Corolla Rpm Wiring

Note: This procedure only applies to the 1.6 litre 4A-FE engines. On all other engines, the timing is not adjustable.

1 Connect a tachometer according to the manufacturer's specifications (see illustration).

2 Locate the diagnostic connector and insert a jumper wire between terminals E1 and TE1 (see illustration).

2000 1kz Hilux Diagnostic Plug

4.1 Connect the tachometer lead to the IG terminal of the test connector

4.2 Attach a jumper wire between terminals E1 and TE1 of the test connector

4.3 Tools needed to check and adjust the ignition timing

1 Vacuum plugs - Vacuum hoses will, in most cases, have to be disconnected and plugged. Moulded plugs in various shapes and sizes are available for this

2 Inductive pick-up timing light - Flashes a bright, concentrated beam of light when the number one spark plug fires. Connect the leads according to the instructions supplied with the light

3 Distributor spanner - Sometimes the distributor retaining bolts can be difficult to

Inductive Sensor For SparkEngine 4afe Rotating Timing Mark

4.5 Point the timing light at the timing marks with the engine at idle

3 With the ignition switched off, connect a timing light according to the manufacturer's specifications (see illustration). Most timing lights are powered by the battery. Also, an inductive style pick-up is installed onto the number one cylinder spark plug wire.

4 Locate the timing marks on the front cover and the crankshaft pulley.

5 Start the engine and allow it to warm-up to normal operating temperature (upper radiator hose hot). Verify that the engine idle is correct (see Chapter 4A Specifications). Aim the timing light at the timing scale on the engine cover (see illustration). The mark on the crankshaft pulley should line up with the 10-degree mark on the scale. If necessary, loosen the distributor mounting bolts and slowly rotate the distributor until the timing marks align. Tighten the mounting bolts and recheck the timing.

6 Remove the jumper wire from the diagnostic connector and confirm that the ignition timing advances in accordance with the figures listed in this Chapter's Specifications. 7 Turn the engine off, and remove the tachometer and the timing light.

5 Distributor pick-up coil

- testing and renewal

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