Corolla E11 Rear Suspension

Left-hand driveshaft 8 Steering rack 3 Support brace 10 Suspension crossmember

Toyota E11 Rear Suspension

1.2 Rear suspension components

3 No 1 lower suspension arm

4 Rear anti-roll bar

5 Anti-roll bar bush clamp

1 No 2 lower suspension arm. Note that some models are fitted with a brace between the inboard ends of the arms 6 Anti-roll bar link

2 No 2 arm toe adjuster 7 Strut rod

8 Strut/coil spring assembly (McPherson strut)

9 Hub carrier

10 Rear suspension crossmember

Sometimes a sharp blow with a hammer and punch will break the bond between a nut and bolt threads, but care must be taken to prevent the punch from slipping off the fastener and ruining the threads. Heating the stuck fastener and surrounding area with a torch sometimes helps too, but isn't recommended because of the obvious dangers associated with fire. Sometimes tightening the nut or bolt first will help to break it loose. Fasteners that require drastic measures to remove should always be renewed.

Since most of the procedures dealt with in this Chapter involve jacking up the vehicle and working underneath it, a good pair of axle stands will be needed. A hydraulic trolley jack is the preffered type of jack to lift the vehicle and it can also be used to support certain components during various operations.

A Warning: Never, under any circumstances, rely on a jack to support the vehicle while working on it. Whenever any of the suspension or steering fasteners are loosened or removed they must be inspected and, if necessary, renewed with ones of the same part number or of original equipment quality and design. Torque specifications must be followed for proper reassembly and component retention. Never attempt to heat or straighten any suspension or steering components. Instead, renew any bent or damaged part.

Suspension strut assembly

(front) - removal, inspection and refitting ^


1 Loosen the wheel nuts, raise the vehicle and support it securely on axle stands (see Jacking and vehicle support). Remove the wheel.

2 Unbolt the brake hose bracket from the strut. Release the clip and detach the speed sensor wiring harness from the strut (see illustrations).

3 Remove the strut-to-hub carrier nuts (see illustration) and knock the bolts out with a hammer and punch.

Toyota Carina Speed Sensor
2.2a Unbolt the brake hose bracket from the strut...
2002 Camry Axle Bracket

2.2b ... and unclip the ABS sensor wiring harness

4 Separate the strut from the hub carrier. Be careful not to overextend the inner CV joint. Also, don't let the hub carrier fall outward and strain the brake hose.

5 Support the strut and spring assembly with one hand and remove the three strut-to-body nuts (see illustration). Remove the assembly out from the wheel arch.

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    Are the stabilliser bar bushes the same on the front and rear in a toyota corolla e11?
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