Frequently, when working on the suspension or steering system components, you may come across fasteners which seem impossible to loosen. These fasteners on the underside of the vehicle are continually subjected to water, road grime, mud, etc, and can become rusted or 'frozen', making them extremely difficult to remove. In order to unscrew these stubborn fasteners without damaging them (or other components), be sure to use lots of penetrating fluid and allow it to soak in for a while. Using a wire brush to clean exposed threads will also ease removal of the nut or bolt and prevent damage to the threads.

Corolla E11 Cooling
1.1 Front suspension components

1 Front anti-roll bar (VVT-i models have a straight bar)

2 Anti-roll bar bush clamp

3 Control arm

4 Balljoint

5 Strut/coil spring assembly (McPherson strut)

6 Right-hand driveshaft

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