Removal and refitting

1 Disconnect the selector cable from the manual selector lever at the transmission and detach it from the bracket on the front of the transmission (see illustrations).

2 Remove the centre console (see Chapter 11).

3 Release the clips, lift up the gear-position indicator panel and pull the light bulb from the panel (see illustrations). Tie the gear-position indicator panel to the selector lever handle so that you have room to work.

4 Prise the end of the selector cable from the selector lever (see illustration).

5 Depress the two retaining clips, and pull the selector lever outer cable from the front edge of the selector lever base (see illustration).

5.4 Prise the end of the selector cable from the lever

6 Pull the cable through the grommet in the firewall.

7 Refitting is the reverse of removal.

8 When you're done, adjust the selector cable.

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