Removal rear door

15 Remove the window winder handle or power window switch as described in paragraph 1.

16 Undo the screw and remove the door inner release handle surround trim (see illustration 13.9). Disconnect the link rod as the handle is removed.

17 Carefully prise up the armrest with a screwdriver (see illustration).

18 Undo the two screws in the armrest recess.

19 The inner trim panel is secured by panel clips around the edge of the door. Insert a flat-bladed tool between the door and the panel to disengage the clips. Work around the edge of the door until the panel is free. Note that on some models, a plastic expanding clip may be fitted at the rear edge of the trim. Unscrew the centre pin, and prise out the clip (see illustration).

13.17 Prise up the armrest pad and undo the two screws (arrowed)

20 Once all of the clips are disengaged, detach the trim panel, unplug any electrical connectors and remove the trim panel from the vehicle by gently pulling it up and over the lock button.

21 For access to the inner door remove the plastic weathershield. Peel back the plastic cover, taking care not to tear it (see illustration 13.14).

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