8 Shift the transmission into Neutral.

9 Remove the nut and lift off the selector lever.

10 Unplug the electrical connector.

11 Using a screwdriver, prise back the tab on the lockwasher under the nut securing the switch to the valve shaft.

12 Unscrew the nut, and recover the lockwasher and shim(s).

13 Remove the retaining bolts and lift the switch off the shaft.

14 To install, line up the flats on the valve shaft with the flats in the switch and push the switch onto the shaft. Refit the shim(s), the lockwasher and securing nut. Tighten the securing nut, and bend over the lockwasher tab.

15 Rotate the switch until the neutral basic line aligns with the groove (see illustration). Tighten the bolts securely and connect the electrical connector.

16 Install the selector lever, connect the negative battery cable and verify the engine will not start with the selector lever in any position other than Park or Neutral, if necessary follow the adjustment procedure above.

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