5 Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks for Gaming

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console video game developed by Nintendo, which is a stationary and portable device. It was released in 3rd March 2013 and changed everything we thought of a home video game console. Although it was a massive success since it was launched, it has limitations with graphical capabilities and storage space.Since it is a 2-in-1 masterpiece, it can be hooked up to your TV for a console-like experience and can also get detached for mobile gaming. Moreover, you can carry a home-console quality gaming device wherever you want.

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Best tips and tricks of Nintendo Switch

  1. Increase storage

However the Nintendo Switch comes with 32GB of internal storage, and after the OS system, there is barely 26GB left, which is not enough for a gaming console. Nowadays, games sizes are massive, so soon you will run out of space; in that case, you will need external storage to store your games. Thankfully, it has a MicroSD slot on the console, where you can insert a hefty-sized MicroSD card. It can actually accept microSD cards so big, which is not available in the market yet.

  1. Find a lost controller

To ensure portability both the controller nubs are purposefully kept small. For this reason, it is easy to misplace and hard to find. Firstly, always try to keep the controllers in the docks, secondly, if it is lost somehow, the Switch can find itself. If your Switch is out of sight and you can’t find it, you can make your Switch vibrate, which will help you locate its position. Go to controllers menu, hit the “Find Controllers,” and select the Pro Controller or Joy-Con to make it vibrate.

  1. Save battery life

The excellent quality of a Nintendo Switch is that you can play it on a big screen at home and you can also play in it while travelling. But because of its compact size the battery gets a little constrictive, which results to three to four hours of life span in a single charge. However, there are multiple ways to save the battery life, for example, you can lower the brightness of the screen, turn off the WiFi when not in use, turn off the vibration and lastly you can use a portable battery for your long journey.

  1. Parental controls

If you don't want users to access certain games or to restrict the amount of time played daily, you can lock down the Switch through parental controls. It is a useful and smart feature of the Switch, especially if you have kids in your home. In fact, you can control the parental lock through iOS and Android apps, which makes it easier and user-friendly.

  1. Hard Reset

In general, Nintendo games are typically pretty well polished, but once in a while, even a well-designed game can crash your system. If your Switch starts giving problems and can't seem to get back to the menu, fix it with a hard reset. All you just need to do is hold the power button on the system for 10 to 15 seconds, and the console will restart itself.

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