1. What components replaced governor and throttle pressure signals in an ECT transmission?

2. How may solenoids are used in a current model ECT transmission. Please state the function (control) of each?

3. Explain the procedure of how to pull and read a transmission trouble code?

4. Explain the procedure of how to separate between a mechanical and/or an electrical problem in an ECT transmission.

5. How many speed sensors are used on a vehicle with an ECT transmission, state location, correct I.D. (name) of each sensor, and which is the primary input to the ECT computer.

6. Explain the procedure for checking ECT speed sensors.

7. Explain the construction and operation of the ECT speed senor.

8. List all inputs used by the ECT computer and the need for each?

9. Explain the construction and operation of the direct TPS (linear) in relationship to an indirect TPS in an ECT transmission?

10.Explain which ECT diagnostic checks can be made from the Diagnostic connector?

11.Explain the conditions that must occur in order for converter lockup to occur in an ECT transmission.

12.Explain the relationship that the brake switch, cruise control, and coolant temperature sensor (THW) have in common with torque converter lockup.

13.Explain how solenoids can be checked on the car.


The shift lock system is designed to ensure the proper operation of the automatic transmission. The driver must depress the brake pedal in order to move the gear selector from Park to any other range. In addition, the ignition key cannot be turned to the Lock position and removed from the ignition switch unless the gear selector is placed in the Park position.

There are three systems available in Toyota models; electrical, electrical/ mechanical and mechanical. We will not cover the application by model but rather by system type. For the specifics on a particular model, consult the repair manual.

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