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1. Describe the basic construction of a lead-acid battery.

2. Explain what materials are used to make up the: positive plate, negative plate, and electrolyte.

3. Describe the basic chemical operation of a single cell that makes a battery.

4. List the voltage output of both a single battery cell and a six cell automotive battery. Be exact.

5. Explain the four basic battery "capacity ratings" systems.

6. List the gases that are produced during the charging process from both the positive and the negative plates.

7. Explain why repeated "overcharging" or "cycling" is harmful to a battery.

8. List the three basic battery tests / inspections that can be performed.

9. List ten (10) items inspected while performing a "visual inspection".

10. Explain the terms "battery drain" and "parasitic loads".

11. Describe the procedure of checking parasitic drain on a car.

12. List the maximum parasitic drain allowed.

13. Describe why and how baking soda is used on an automotive battery.

14. List two methods of checking a battery's "state of charge.

15. List the specific gravity readings of a battery that has the following states of charge: 100%, 50%, 0%.

16. Explain the term "specific gravity" and how it is measured.

17. List the open circuit voltages of a battery with the following states of charge 100%, 50%, 0%.

18. Describe the "open circuit voltage" test procedure.

19. What is the minimum charge a battery needs to perform a Heavy Load Test.

20. Explain in detail the "Heavy Load" or "Capacity" test procedure.

21. What is the maximum time a Heavy Load Test should be performed?

22 How much of a load is placed on a battery that has a 500 CCA rating?

23. What action should be taken if battery voltage drops to 8.7 volts during a heavy load test? What if the voltage was 10.3 volts?

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