Charging System Troubleshooting




Warning lamp does not light, with ignition ON and engine off

1. Blown fuse

2. Lamp burned out

3. Wiring connections loose

4. Defective relay

5. Defective regulator

1. Check CHARGE, IGN, AND ENGINE fuses; replace as needed after correcting cause

2. Replace lamp

3. Check voltage drop in circuit, tighten loose connections

4. Check relays, if used, for continuity and proper operation

5. Check alternator output

Warning lamp does not go out with engine running; battery overcharged or undercharged

1. Loose or worn drive belt

2. Defective battery or battery connections

3. Blown fuse or fusible link

4. Defective relay, regulator, or alternator

5. Defective wiring

1. Check drive belt; adjust or replace as needed after correcting cause

2. Check battery and its connections

3. Check fuse and fusible link; replace as needed

4. Check charging system output and component operation, as needed

5. Check voltage drop

2. Worn alternator bearings

3. Defective diode

1. Check drive belt; adjust or replace, as needed

2. Replace the alternator

3. Replace the alternator

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