Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are used for protecting circuits temporary overloads may occur and where power must be quickly restored. A bimetal strip is used, similar to that in a temperature-sensitive switch. When heated, the two metals expand differently and cause the strip to bend. The "breaker" is normally closed and it opens when the bimetal element bends. Some circuit breakers are self-resetting, others must be manually reset.

Circuit breakers are used on Toyota vehicles to protect circuits for the defogger, heater, air conditioner, power windows, power door locks, and sun roof.

1. Describe two power sources used in a vehicle.

2. Explain the term "load" and how it is used in a circuit.

3. Describe the two types of resistors and how each is used.

4. Explain the color code of a resistor that is: "Brown, Orange, Red, Silver.

5. Describe a "stepped resistor " and how it differs from a "fixed resister".

6. List and describe three types of "variable resistors".

7. Explain how a "NTC" thermistor differs from a "PTC" thermistor.

8. List six types of switches used in automobiles.

9. Describe the two circuits used in a relay.

10 Explain how a "relay" differs from a "solenoid".

11. Explain how current flows into a "capacitor".

12. Explain the term "semiconductor".

13. Draw, label, and describe the basic function of a "diode".

14. Draw, label, and describe the basic function of a "bi-polar transistor".

15. Explain the term "Integrated Circuit".

16. List three types of "circuit protective devices".

17. Describe the basic construction of a "fuse" or "fuse element".

18. Explain how a "fuse element" differs from a "fusible link".

19. Describe the basic construction of a "circuit breaker".

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