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On November 15, 1990, the Clean Air Act was amended, directing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to promote new regulations, under section 207(a), requiring automobile manufacturers to install on-board diagnostic systems capable of.

• Identifying deterioration or malfunction of major emissions components which could result in vehicle failure to comply with federal emissions standards.

• Alerting the vehicle operator of the need to maintain and/or repair emissions related components and/or systems.

• Storing DTCs and providing access to vehicle on-board information.

Additionally, manufacturers will:

• Make available to all interested parties, all necessary emissions maintenance and repair information.

Adoption of these provisions was prompted by the fact that in 1990, 96 urban areas in the U.S. were in violation of National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone and 41 areas for carbon monoxide.

Although CAAA'90 regulations vary slightly from CARB OBD-II, EPA has elected to adopt California OBD-II for Federal emissions certification, effective with the '96 model year. Beginning in the '98 model year, a new Federal OBD standard will be adopted, effectively eliminating the different status between California and Federal emissions certification.

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