When the igniter is built into the ignition coil, it is not possible to do a resistance check of the primary coil winding. A bad primary winding will have to be determined by checking other functions of the coil and the ignition circuit.

DTC 1300 series will set, depending on the engine and type of ignition system, when the ECM does NOT receive the IGF signal. IGF confirms the primary circuit of the ignition system is working. Lack of IGF signal indicates a malfunction in the primary circuit or IGF signal related components.

If the DTC 1300 is set based on IGF, visually check the ignition system and then check for spark. If spark is present, the engine will start then stall when the ECM does not detect IGF (EXCEPT on some engines equipped with DIS with integrated igniter). In addition, when spark is present this confirms the secondary and primary circuits are good. The problem is most likely with the IGF circuitry.

1. Explain in the difference between Independent (Direct) and Simultaneous (Waste Spark) Ignition systems: (include the number of coils used in each)

2. Explain in detail Simultaneous (Waste Spark) Ignition system operation:

3. Draw a basic 4 cylinder Simultaneous (Waste Spark) Ignition circuit below:

4. Explain in detail Independent (Direct) Ignition system operation:

5. Draw a basic 4 cylinder Independant (Direct) Ignition circuit below:

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