Driving Pattern Select Switch

The pattern select switch is controlled by the driver to select the desired driving mode, either "Normal" or "Power." Based on the position of the switch, the ECT ECU selects the shift pattern and lock-up accordingly. The upshift in the power mode will occur later, at a higher speed depending on the throttle opening. For example, an upshift to third gear at 50% throttle will occur at about 37 mph in normal mode and about 47 mph in power mode.

The ECU has a "PWR" terminal but does not have a "Normal" terminal. When "Power" is selected, 12 volts are applied to the "PWR" terminal of the ECU and the power light illuminates. When "Normal" is selected, the voltage at "PWR" is 0 volts. When the ECU senses 0 volts at the terminal, it recognizes that "Normal" has been selected.

Beginning with the 1990 MR2 and Celica and the 1991 Previa, the pattern select switch was discontinued. In the Celica and Previa systems, several shift patterns are stored in the ECU memory. Utilizing sensory inputs, the ECU selects the appropriate shift pattern and operates the shift solenoids accordingly. The MR2 and 1993 Corolla have only one shift pattern stored in the ECU memory.

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