ECT Analyzer

The ECT Analyzer is designed to determine if a transmission malfunction is ECU/electrical circuit related or in the transmission. The analyzer is connected at the solenoid electrical connector using appropriate adapter harnesses. The vehicle is driven using the analyzer to shift the transmission.

Ect Analyser Toyota Transmission

If the transmission operates properly with the ECT Analyzer, the fault lies between the solenoid connectors up to and including the ECU. On the other hand, if the transmission does not operate properly with the analyzer, the fault is likely to be in the transmission. This would include a failure of the solenoid or a mechanical failure of the transmission. A solenoid may test out electrically and fail mechanically because the valve sticks. Apply air pressure to the solenoid; air should escape when the solenoid is energized and should not escape when the solenoid is not energized.

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