Electrical Load Sensor ELS

The ELS circuit signals the ECU when significant electrical load has been placed on the charging system from the vehicle lighting or rear window defogger systems. The ECU uses this information to increase the duty cycle ratio on the Rotary ISC Valve, thereby maintaining a stable idle speed.

The ELS signal at the ECU will be low as long as the tail lamps and rear window defogger are off. When either of these accessories are turned on, current flows to the accessory and through an isolation diode to the ECU. When either accessory is on, the signal at the ECU will go to battery voltage.

The A/C signal at the ECU will be high any time the compressor clutch is energized. When power is removed from the clutch circuit, it is simultaneously removed from the A/C input at the ECU.

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  • Bilcuzal
    How does electrical load sensor (ELS) in ecu work?
    2 years ago
  • calan cameron
    Where is the electrical load signal of a Toyota located?
    1 month ago

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