Evaporative Emission Control System

Approximately 20% of all hydrocarbon (HC) emissions from the automobile originate from evaporative sources. The Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) system is designed to store and dispose of fuel vapors normally created in the fuel system; thereby, preventing its escape to the atmosphere. The EVAP system delivers these vapors to the intake manifold to be burned with the normal air/fuel mixture. This fuel charge is added during periods of closed loop operation when the additional enrichment can be managed by the closed loop fuel control system. Improper operation of the EVAP system may cause rich driveability problems, as well as failure of the Two Speed Idle test or Enhanced I/M evaporative pressure or purge test.

The EVAP system is a fully closed system designed to maintain stable fuel tank pressures without allowing fuel vapors to escape to the atmosphere. Fuel vapor is normally created in the fuel tank as a result of evaporation. It is then transferred to the EVAP system charcoal canister when tank vapor pressures become excessive. When operating conditions can tolerate additional enrichment, these stored fuel vapors are purged into the intake manifold and added to the incoming air/fuel mixture.

Toyota vehicles use two different types of evaporative emission control systems:

• Non-ECM controlled EVAP systems use solely mechanical means to collect and purge stored fuel vapors. Typically, these systems use a ported vacuum purge port and a Thermo Vacuum Valve (TVV) to prohibit cold engine operation.

• ECM controlled EVAP systems uses a manifold vacuum purge source in conjunction with a duty cycled Vacuum Switching Valve (VSV). This type of EVAP system has the ability to provide more precise control of purge flow volume and inhibit operation.

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