Fuel Trim

As the engine and sensors change over time, the ECM needs a method to adjust the injection duration for improved driveability and emission performance. Fuel trim is a program in the ECM designed to compensate for these changes.

When in closed loop, the ECM modifies the final injection duration based on the oxygen sensor. These minor corrections are needed to maintain the correct air/fuel ratio. However, if more correction than normal (as determined by the ECM) is needed, the ECM will use the fuel trim strategy to compensate. Fuel trim allows the ECM to learn and adjust the injection duration quickly by reducing the correction time back to normal. This means that driveability and performance will not suffer.

Fuel trim can be observed on the Diagnostic Tester as a percentage. A positive percentage means that the ECM has increased the duration and a negative percentage means the ECM has decreased the duration.

There are two different fuel trim values that affect final injection duration and can be observed by the technician; short term fuel trim (SHORT FT) and long term fuel trim (LONG FT). SHORT FT is a temporary addition or subtraction to the basic injection duration. LONG FT is part of the basic injection duration calculation and it is stored in the ECM's memory.

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