Functions of Ect Ecu

Control of Shift Timing

The components which make up this system include:

• Water temperature sensor

• Cruise control ECU

• No. 1 and No. 2 solenoid valves (shift solenoids)

The ECU controls No. 1 and No. 2 solenoid valves based on vehicle speed, throttle opening angle and mode select switch position.

The ECT ECU prevents an upshift to overdrive under the following conditions:

• Water temperature is below 122'F to 146*F*

• Cruise control speed is 6 mph below set speed.

• OD main switch is off (contacts closed).

In addition to preventing the OD from engaging below a specific engine temperature, upshift to third gear is also prevented in the Supra and Cressida below 96'F and the V6 Camry below 100'F.

* Consult the specific repair manual or the ECT Diagnostic Information Technician Reference Card for the specific temperature at which overdrive is enabled.

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