Gearreduction Starter Motor

The gear-reduction starter motor contains the components shown. This type of starter has a compact, high-speed motor and a set of reduction gears. While the motor is smaller and weighs less than conventional starting motors, it operates at higher speed. The reduction gears transfer this torque to the pinion gear at 1/4 to 1/3 the motor speed. The pinion gear still rotates faster than the gear on a conventional starter and with much greater torque (cranking power).

The reduction gear is mounted on the same shaft as the pinion gear. And, unlike in the conventional starter, the magnetic switch plunger acts directly on the pinion gear (not through a drive lever) to push the gear into mesh with the ring gear.

This type of starter was first used on the 1973 Corona MKII with the 4M, six cylinder engine. It is now used on most 1975 and newer Toyotas. Ratings range from 0.8KW on most Tercels and some older models to as high as 2.5KW on the diesel Corolla, Camry and Truck. The cold-weather package calls for a 1.4KW or 1.6KW starter, while a 1.0KW starter is common on other models.

The gear-reduction starter is the replacement starter for most conventional starters.

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