IAC System Functional Tests

Because functional checks vary between the four major types of IAC systems, refer to the Repair Manual for specific procedures on performing an on-vehicle IAC inspection. On some late model OBD-II vehicles, an active test feature will allow you to manually command IACV positioning from fully open to fully closed. A quick check can be made by commanding a change to IACV positioning while watching for expected changes to idle rpm.

EGR System

The EGR System reduces NOx output by recirculating exhaust gases in with the

EGR Vacuurr Modulato

EGR Vacuurr Modulato vsv I

2002 Kia Spectra Turn Signal Location

engine's normal A/F charge.

By diluting the mixture, combustion temperature is lowered, and as a result,

NOx output Is reduced.

vsv I

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