Inspect and Adjust the Throttle Cable

To inspect the throttle cable adjustment, the engine should be off. Depress the accelerator pedal completely, and make sure that the throttle valve is at the maximum open position. If the throttle valve is not fully open, adjust as needed.

With the throttle fully open, check the throttle cable stopper at the boot end and ensure that there is no more than one millimeter between the end of the stopper and the end of the boot. If adjustment is required, make the adjustment with the throttle depressed. Loosen the locking nuts on the cable housing and reposition the cable housing and boot as needed until the specification is reached.

The Land Cruiser A440 automatic transmission throttle cable is adjusted differently, as seen below. It is measured in two positions. The first measurement is made with the throttle fully closed. The distance varies in that the measurement is made from the end of the boot to the front of the stopper. Measure the same distance with the throttle in the fully open position.

The illustration below represents yet another adjustment type. The rubber boot has a shallow extension when compared to the first one discussed earlier. The procedure differs in that the throttle is left in the fully closed position when the distance is measured from the front of the boot to the front of the stopper.

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