Intake Air Temperature IAT Sensor

The IAT detects the temperature of the incoming air stream. On vehicles equipped with a MAP sensor, the IAT is located in an intake air passage. On Mass Air Flow sensor equipped vehicles, the IAT is part of the MAF sensor. The IAT is connected to the THA terminal on the ECM. The IAT is used for detecting ambient temperature on a cold start and intake air temperature as the engine heats up the incoming air.

NOTE: One strategy the ECM uses to determine a cold engine start is by comparing the ECT and IAT signals. If both are within 8'C (15'F) of each other, the ECM assumes it is a cold start. This strategy is important because some diagnostic monitors, such as the EVAP monitor, are based on a cold start.

Iat Sencor Toyota Corola

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    Where is the intake air temp circuit located on 2003 toyota sequoia?
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