Key Lock Solenoid Control

The shift position switch P2 is on (closed) when the shift lever is in a range other than the Park range. Current from the ACC and ON terminals of the ignition switch flows to Tr2 through the timer circuit. The base circuit of Tr2 is grounded by switch P2, and Tr2 goes on, energizing the key lock solenoid, preventing the key from going to the Lock position. The timer circuit cuts off the flow of current to Tr2 approximately one hour after the ignition switch is turned from ON to ACC, switching off the key lock solenoid. The timer circuit prevents the battery from being discharged.

By placing the gear selector in the Park position, switch P2 is off (open), current no longer flows to the base of Tr2 and it goes off. The solenoid is no longer energized, and the solenoid plunger is retracted, and the key can be removed.

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