Manifold Absolute Pressure MAP Sensor

In the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor there is a silicon chip mounted inside a reference chamber. On one side of the chip is a reference pressure. This reference pressure is either a perfect vacuum or a calibrated pressure, depending on the application. On the other side is the pressure to be measured. The silicon chip changes its resistance with the changes in pressure. When the silicon chip flexes with the change in pressure, the electrical resistance of the chip changes. This change in resistance alters the voltage signal. The ECM interprets the voltage signal as pressure and any change in the voltage signal means there was a change in pressure.

Intake manifold pressure is a directly related to engine load. The ECM needs to know intake manifold pressure to calculate how much fuel to inject, when to ignite the cylinder, and other functions. The MAP sensor is located either directly on the intake manifold or it is mounted high in the engine compartment and connected to the intake manifold with vacuum hose. It is critical the vacuum hose not have any kinks for proper operation.

Absolute Pressure

The MAP sensor uses a perfect vacuum as a reference pressure. The difference in pressure between the vacuum pressure and intake manifold pressure changes the voltage signal. The MAP sensor converts the intake manifold pressure into a voltage signal (PIM).

Underfloor Bar ManifoldInside Manifold Absolute Map Sensor

The MAP sensor voltage signal is highest when intake manifold pressure is highest (ignition key ON, engine off or when the throttle is suddenly opened). The MAP sensor voltage signal is lowest when intake manifold pressure is lowest on deceleration with throttle closed.

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