Motor Circuit insulated Side

1. If using the Sun VAT-40, set the Volt Selector to EXT 3V. For other voltmeters, use a low scale.

2. Connect the voltmeter leads ... RED to the battery positive (+) terminal, BLACK to terminal "C" on the starter motor magnetic switch.

3. Disable the ignition so the engine cannot start during testing.

NOTE: On models with the Integrated Ignition Assembly, disconnect the "IIA" plug. On others, disconnect the power plug to the remote igniter assembly (black-orange wire).

4. Crank the engine and observe the voltmeter. Less than 0.5 volt indicates acceptable resistance. More than 0.5 volt indicates excessive resistance. This could be caused by a damaged cable, poor connections, or a defective magnetic switch.

5. If excessive resistance is indicated, locate the cause. Acceptable voltage drops are 0.3 volt across the magnetic switch, 0.2 volts for the cable, and zero volts for the cable connection. Repair or replace components, as needed.

Hilux Starter Motor Circuit
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