NE Signal and G Signal

Though there are different types of ignition systems, the use of the NE and G signals is consistent. The NE signal indicates crankshaft position and engine RPM.

The G signal (also called VVT signal) provides cylinder identification. By comparing the G signal to the NE signal, the ECM is able to identify the cylinder on compression. This is necessary to calculate crankshaft angle (initial ignition timing angle), identify which coil to trigger on Direct Ignition System (independent ignition), and which injector to energize on sequential fuel injection systems.

As ignition systems and engines evolved, there have been modifications to the NE and G signal. Timing rotors have different numbers of teeth. For some G signal sensors, a notch is used instead of a tooth to generate a signal. Regardless, you can determine what style is used by visually examining the timing rotor or consulting the Repair Manual. Many of the different styles are represented with their respective ignition system.

What Signal

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