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The following procedures assume that a 3)

spark tester reveals no spark at two different cylinders while the engine is cranked. These procedures and specifications are general guidelines. Consult the appropriate repair manual for more specific information about the vehicle you are troubleshooting.

Preliminary checks

1) Ensure battery condition prior to ignition system analysis.

2) Check and confirm good connections at distributor, igniter, and coil.

3) Basic secondary leakage checks at coil and coil wire.

Primary circuit checks

1) Confirm power supply to igniter and coil positive (+) terminal. Confirm connections at coil positive and negative (-) terminals. 6)

2) Using a test light or logic probe, check for primary switching at the coil (-) terminal while cranking engine. Blinking light 7)

confirms primary switching is taking place; check coil wire, coil secondary winding resistance, or secondary leakage in distributor cap.

The power transistor(s) in the igniter get their ground through the igniter case to the vehicle chassis; always confirm good ground continuity prior to trouble shooting.

4) Confirm coil primary and secondary windings resistance. Confirm primary windings are not grounded.

Confirm signal status from Ne and G pickups to ECU (ESA system) or to igniter (VAST system) using an oscilloscope or logic probe.

• If a fault is detected, check pickup(s) for proper resistance and shorts to ground. Check electrical connections.

• If signal amplitude is low, check signal generator gap(s).

Confirm signal status from ECU IGt circuit to igniter using an oscilloscope or logic probe.

On 7M-GTE, check power transistor in igniter. Bias transistor base using a remote 3 volt battery as power source. Use ohmmeter to check for continuity from primary circuit to ground (see procedure in repair manual for details).

8) Check pickup gaps and coil resistances against specifications. If gap and/or resistance is not within specification, replace faulty component.

Ne Pickup Gi Pickup G2 Pickup


Generator Spark

Signal Generator Resistance Specifications

Engine Type

Coil Color ID

Resistance Specification (fl @ 14°F to 104°F)



Ne: 155-240 Gi, G2: 125-190



Ne: 150-230 G: 150-230

3E-E, 5E-FE


265 - 420


370 - 530

All Other Engines


130 - 210


185 - 265

Ignition Coil and Sensor Gap Specifications

Engine Type

Coil Secondary @70°F

Coil Primary @70°F

Pickup Gap


9.2Kfl to 12.4Kfi

.24V to ,30n

.008" - .016"


Cannot be measured

.34 fi to .42fi

.008" - .016"


10.4KH to 14.0Kfl

1.28ÍÍ to 1.56n

.008" - .016"


11.4K« to 15.6Kn

.52ÍÍ to .64fi

.008" - .016"

All Others

1 o.okh to 14.0Kfl

,4on to .son

.008" - .016"

Igniter Coil Rav4 Diagram

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